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If you don’t happen to be familiar with competition barbecue, it’s pretty amazing stuff. It’s bbq that very few folks outside of competition ever get a chance to taste. In competition, teams have but one bite to wow the judges. For Team Hog Heaven Sauces, this means starting with some of the highest quality meats on the planet. We procure only the finest meats from all over the country -  Wagyu briskets, free-range chicken, and Berkshire pork butts and ribs.  We often spend more on just the shipping of meat than restaurants will pay for the meat itself. Perfectly balanced, complex blends of nectars, juices and spices, along with some other goodies we’re not going to mention, are injected deep into the meats, saturating them with flavor that perfectly complements the delicate, natural sweetness of pork, or enhances the deep beef flavor of our brisket and tri-tip. Our award-winning herb and spice rub combinations are then applied and are given up to a full 24 hours to permeate through and through. We season our meats from the inside out and the outside in, both. One bite and you’ll know why.

Professional bbq competitors have taken bbq to new heights…introducing amazing flavor profiles and techniques that few restaurateurs or caterers are familiar with, and couldn’t possibly use even if they were. Why? The simple answer is time. It takes an immense amount of time, and an equal amount of passion, to put out the product that Hog Heaven Barbecue Company is known for. It’s impossible to cook the type of BBQ we cook for the masses. This is why we limit the size of the events that we’ll cook. Once you’ve tasted our bbq, your current favorite spot will forevermore be a letdown. It’s just a different world…there’s just no comparison.

We have always felt that it shouldn’t be only Certified Barbecue Judges who are privileged enough to taste this kind of bbq. We wanted to make it available to everyone, and this is exactly what we have done. When I cook for you, you’ll likely feel that you’re tasting bbq for the first time. Our greatest satisfaction is hearing that “OMG!” when folks first taste our mouth-watering food. We regularly cook to impress certified barbecue judges. When we cook for you, we regard you as the judge…and we try every bit as hard to impress. WE DO NOT COMPROMISE.

So whether you want full service catering with our amazing competition BBQ rig on-site, or you just want to pick up here in Temecula, you can look forward to enjoying the best bbq you have ever tasted. And if sauces are your thing, you’re gonna be even happier. Wait till you try our Apple Chipotle, Apricot Jalapeno, Smokehouse, Sweet Sticky Heat and our Carolina sauces. Our sauces are as amazing as our meats!

Call or email us today!  We look forward to MEATing you soon!

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Ira Pupko

Champion Pitmaster

Hog Heaven Barbecue Company 


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