Competition Grade BBQ For Your Next Event



The original Hog Heaven barbecue sauce was created by me, in my kitchen, in 1991. And 20 years later, perfected. This is my story...

If there's one thing I've been passionate about since childhood, it's food. All food. Being raised on meat and potatoes, it's not hard to understand that when I discovered barbecue, I discovered heaven.

The love my mother expressed for her family often manifested itself as home-cooked, delicious meals. Thus, my joy of sharing food with friends and family has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. Entertaining close friends and family with backyard cookouts, kickin' it and laughin' it up to good music and great food was to me, what life was all about. When people love the eats I've piled on their plates I'm the happiest guy in the world. When you were invited for 'que at my place, you knew you were in for a treat.

In the late 80's, it occurred to me that there was something that needed doing. The barbecue that I was serving up wasn't entirely my own - not while I was still using mediocre store-bought sauces. Needless to say, this was an, "Ah-ha!" moment. It was due-time to create this integral component to truly epic barbecue - a great, stand-out sauce. One good enough to impress based on its own distinct goodness...holding its own with the food it was complementing. Being a mere layperson, I had a LOT of preparing to do!

The first step was to collect my biggest flavor influences - sauce, rubs, marinades and dips and list out everything I liked about them. And so diving from the shoulder of giants, I plunged right into savory inspirations of huge new flavors. This wasn't about reinventing the wheel. It was about creating bold flavor harmonies.

After savoring flavors from various sauces and brands, I sat down with a couple of barbecue-lovin' fools, and together we proceeded to invent Hog Heaven. Now I had a starting point...and was ready to get down to business in my own kitchen. The next months were a labor of love. After countless failed batches, endless trial and error, remixing, recooking, new recipes and constant restocking of every ingredient imaginable, I had the payoff - the right to call this glorious sauce my very own.

Now it's for the world to enjoy, in 4 completely original flavors - Smokehouse, Apple-Chipotle, Appricot Jalapeño and Smokehouse Heat. Go ahead and dive in. You're sure to taste every bit of detail I've put into each recipe. Enjoy...and may Hog Heaven create as many memories of good times and good food as it has for me. After all, this is what it's all about, and why Hog Heaven has become "A Sauce for Life".