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  • ☆ Santa Rosa Competition ☆

    We're constantly amazed by the warm, gracious people we meet at comps. Judy Groverman and her crew put on one of the smoothest running comp events we've been to this weekend in Santa Rosa.

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  • ☆ Smokehouse Bacon Burger ☆

    Here's a grand mess to fill your face. A double-decker, BBQ bacon patty cheeseburger. It's no timid beast. Fresh ingredients, bacon patty and Hog Heaven. Look out appetite, here comes trouble.

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  • ☆ Diablo Mac-n-Cheese ☆

    Here's a mouthful of fury. An absolute PERFECT side dish to any Q, this recipe joins forces with Hog Heaven Smokehouse Heat. Sit down and buckle-up cowboy, it'll kick ya in the pants!

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  • ☆ Smokey Corn and Bean Pizza ☆

    Why settle for a standard pizza pie? When you can upgrade the hog out of it! Get a load of this original recipe from the creator of Hog Heaven. He certainly knows his food!

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